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The Landru 2018 Project



Monitor your mining rigs and crypto accounts in real-time, for free.

Receive text messages when your rigs or GPUs go offline!

Why free? Because I want to build this into the best monitoring solution for miners. I need miners like you to tell me what features to add, and test them as I release them.

Supported Platforms
(at the moment)

  • Windows 7 through Windows 10
  • Looking for someone to work on Linux with me
  • nVidia GPUs (looking for someone to test AMD with me)

The Landru Client

  • The Landru client runs on each of your mining rigs, and reports status to the central server
  • Landru is written in Javascript (node.js), so you can see the source code. No private data is transmitted.
  • Takes less than 25MB of disk space per client
  • Monitors GPUs cards for under/over temperature
  • Reports rig/GPU status to the Landru server (see below) every minute

The Landru Server

  • Gives you a private web page to monitor all your rigs and crypto accounts (see below)
  • Compatible with paper wallets, NiceHash, ZPool, MineMoney, ahashpool, and any other pool or exchange with a public API
  • I'm looking for help testings all the other pools
  • Monitors your earnings hour by hour
  • Monitors your crypto account balances hour by hour
  • Can you think of other things to monitor? Join the Landru 2018 project and let me know!

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